(Another) Regulators Limited Edition PC copy question

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(Another) Regulators Limited Edition PC copy question

Post by bookhouse »

Hi all

I have come into possession of a publisher's copy of The Regulators limited edition. The check attached to the limitation page is a facsimile printed (photocopied?) on white 20lb paper, not green check paper. All text, including the handwritten portion/signature, is a reproduction.

Is this the norm for the PC copies? The information I've found out there is not conclusive... if it helps, it's the "Carrie White" check.

Thanks for any responses!
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Re: (Another) Regulators Limited Edition PC copy question

Post by TheCollector »

Hmm I'm pretty sure I've seen some green PC checks but I could just be confusing it with the more common numbered copies...of course there have been so few copies for sale of any kind recently there's no PC listings I can go back and reference...Gave me a reason to double check my own copies but they're both numbered.
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