Another Pet Sematary Question

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Another Pet Sematary Question

Post by ErinLeigh »

Quick Pet Sematary question...I recently purchased two copies of the book, both advertised as first editions (or at least as having been printed in 1983). I can confirm one copy is a first ed./first printing, but the other appears to have been printed in 1995 based on the ISBN as it appears on the back cover (0-385-18244-9>1995). The dust jacket has the Linda Fennimore artwork, and is priced at $19.95 US ($26.95 Canada). Is anyone aware of Doubleday reprinting the book in hardcover in the mid 1990's?

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Re: Another Pet Sematary Question

Post by TheCollector »

There have been a number of reprints over the years - I don't keep track of all of them, but the fact the pricing is $19.95 vs the $15.95 of the first edition certainly means it's a later printing. Is there a gutter code on page 374 to reference? If so you can use the wiki to narrow down the publication year and week.
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