Hey all!

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Hey all!

Post by miller88 »

Hello, just discovered this site when looking into a first edition of Thinner and it's great to see so many other fans of King :D I've been a long time reader and have more recently been getting into the collection side of the fan base, so I thought I'd hop on and say hi!

And I also wanted to ask: What's your favorite book by King? I'm curious to hear other people's favorites!
(Mine is probably Salem's Lot or The Long Walk.)
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Re: Hey all!

Post by mulleins »

Welcome to the site.

My favorite book by King is The Shining

Ben Staad
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Re: Hey all!

Post by Ben Staad »

Hello and welcome to the forum!

It's hard to narrow it down to one book so I won't... :D
  • EOTD
  • The Gunslinger
  • Duma Key
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Re: Hey all!

Post by Mr. Rabbit Trick »

The Stand is my favourite. There was a survey of 25,000 King fans and The Stand came out the most favourite book by miles. The next best was IT.
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Re: Hey all!

Post by TheCollector »

Welcome! I fall into "The Stand" camp, although I have to say after my second read of Insomnia a few years back it rocketed right up there towards the top.
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