Folio Society: Misery

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Folio Society: Misery

Post by mulleins »

Folio just announced Misery -

They did offer a signed version, but it sold out in minutes.
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Re: Folio Society: Misery

Post by TheCollector »

Thanks! (sigh) of course it did. Do you have any details on the signed edition? Release date, issue price, issue size? All I see is
"A number of copies signed by Stephen King and Edward Kinsella are also available."

I'll need to put an info page up around this once it's released. If anyone was lucky enough to get a signed copy, if they could reach out with a photo of the limitation page I'd apprecaite it!
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Re: Folio Society: Misery

Post by Noxus35 »

I missed out, again.. Timezone wasn't a problem here, the fact that i was working weight in a bit but wasn't the biggest reason for myself and others missing out on an actual chance.

The Folio Society has confirmed that they put all copies up on the website to see "if everything was working fine" before the actual mail, or any other announcement for that matter, went out.
So some people got lucky, extremely lucky and i will congratulate them on this.

My first King signed limited is so close but yet so far away, next time though haha. :D
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Re: Folio Society: Misery

Post by Ben Staad »

Yep. I missed the signed as well. Sad as I thought I saw it fairly early on but obviously not early enough.
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Re: Folio Society: Misery

Post by Mr. Rabbit Trick »

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