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eBay sellers

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I recently purchased a supposed first ed/first print of Pet Sematary for my daughter for Christmas. It was a Doubleday copy with the correct price on the DJ and it said first edition on the CR page. The only thing I didn't do was ask if the Y38 was on spine of the book.I asked this after I paid for it. The seller assured me that it was a true first edition. I guess I will find out when I recieve it. My question is... is there any sellers that you know of that are beinging deceiptive on their descriptions of first editions. Signed copies are out of my price range so I want to try to collect just first editions of my favorite Stephen King books. Sorry, I don't want every book he has published. Thanks,


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Re: eBay sellers

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Hi Robin,

There's a thread on this at tdt.org that's 454 pages long and goes back 13 years. No need to recreate the wheel, this should help you out.
https://www.thedarktower.org/palaver/sh ... es-sellers
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