Necro Press and Bedlam Press Closing shop (for a bit?)

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Necro Press and Bedlam Press Closing shop (for a bit?)

Post by Royalecheese » Fri Jun 11, 2010 12:38 pm

We just lost a good one. At least for now.

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Posted: Wed Jun 09, 2010 2:44 am

Well, all our projects are now out. And I've canceled the deluxe edition of INFERNALLY YOURS and refunded everyone who had prepaid with PayPal. I believe Camelot Books will be taking over this project from me as it is ready to go, just needs to get made.

That done, I am now putting Necro Publication and Bedlam Press on hold indefinitely. As many of you know I have been having some big health issues over the past few years. I found out at the end of last year that I am in stage 4 of five stages of kidney failure. I lost my main job back in the end of 2008 and with that my insurance and therefore I'm basically screwed. On top of this my rheumatoid arthritis is suffering due to my inability to secure the medicine I need to take for it that costs $1800/mo. Without it my joints will be getting worse and I'll be experiencing much more pain. My right hip has basically collapsed and needs to be replaced just like I had done with the left one in 2008. Sometimes having dwarfism sucks. :) All of this is leading to some major depression issues.

The economy blows too, as we all know. I'm owed a lot of money from various people and companies and because of this lack of payment I am behind on my printer bills and therefore cannot do anymore new products. Whatever money comes in needs to go to the printer and paying my writers royalties so new things are just not feasible. I do plan on keeping the Edward Lee and trade paperback back catalogue going as these can be done in little amounts cheaply once the printer is paid off and I am going bigger into the digital book arena.

Also because of the economy and a severe bout of bad timing my mother lost her house after retiring and now lives with me adding even more responsibility to my life. Oh yeah, and my dog died suddenly in April...seriously! Not sure what I did in a previous life to warrant this karmic ass raping I've been taking for the past couple of years but I'm hoping it gets tired of reaming me and moves on soon.

I want to thank all of you who have supported Necro/Bedlam/Little Devil over the past 17 years. Although I never actually seem to get recognition or interviewed or win awards I do think I built one of the best small press publishing companies in the horror business. I guess I never kissed enough ass. But I have kicked a lot. HA!

I'm proud of what's been accomplished and everything we've produced over the years. Hopefully, if things ever actually start working out for me again I can get back to producing quality collectors' books one more time. But right now I need to focus on the design work and Djing so I can pay the mortgage. Thankfully people like Joe Morey Dark Regions Press, Tony and Kim at Camelot Books, Dave at Overlook and Doug at Publishers' Graphics (who keeps getting me new clients) are supplying me with a good amount of work to keep my head just barely above water. And I want to thank dealers like Camelot Books, Roy Robbins at Bad Moon/Horror Mall, Larry Roberts at BloodLetting Books, Jeff N Joys and RJ Books for always paying me immediately when I ship books. So support them. Seriously.

And as always, much thanks to Edward Lee for being a good friend and understanding my situation and for being the back upon which Necro was built.

I will be trying to liquidate all the old PC copies of out of print titles I have in storage as well as some rare books I've collected. I'm just tired of having all this stuff in storage when it would be better off in someone hands who will really appreciate it. I'm not talking dozens of copies of titles, but maybe 4-5 or so. As well as slightly damaged stuff which has accumulated over the years. So once I get this sorted out I'll be announcing sales. If interested in some of the older stuff, email me and I'll start a database of names to contact once it's all sorted. Don't get too excited though. There won't be any HEADER, BIGHEAD, PAINFREAK, GOON copies. Just never did a lot of extras of those.

Guess that's it. If I can get a job maybe things will turn around, but for now this is how things have to go. Such is life. I suppose it could be worse. LOL

Dave B.

David G. Barnett
Necro Publications & Bedlam Press

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Re: Necro Press and Bedlam Press Closing shop (for a bit?)

Post by lophophoras » Mon Jun 14, 2010 3:44 am

I really hate to hear this... I wish Dave the best.

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Re: Necro Press and Bedlam Press Closing shop (for a bit?)

Post by TheCollector » Mon Jun 14, 2010 7:06 am

It's always unfortunate to hear this sort of news, but thank you for letting us know. I also wish Dave all the best and hope that his health improves.

I'm not on the Necro Press mailing list, but for those that are please feel free to post any of the upcoming sales here.

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