Opened versus unopened ltd ed values?

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Re: Opened versus unopened ltd ed values?

Post by alimartin » Sat Apr 21, 2018 2:13 am

It won't be your fault, really, it was an unopened box. Unless there's a lot of wear to it and you haven't been taking care of it, it shouldn't be broken....

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Re: Opened versus unopened ltd ed values?

Post by TheCollector » Tue Apr 24, 2018 10:03 am

My two thoughts as I'm re-reading the thread here:

1) Plenty of people keep their books in shrinkwrap (and sell them that way later), typically noted as "sealed in shrinkwrap" by default this means the book is looked at as in F/NF condition. Since the prices seem to be pretty much the same as a opened copy in F/NF condition then I'd say most folks are pretty comfortable with the long shot of a potential missing signature or binding flaw.....not everyone mind you, but the community as a whole - that's borne out by the price being the same.

2) The only actual books I know of that have been verified as damaged by keeping the shrinkwrap on have been early DMG copies. Others may be able to add to the list, but again, as a whole I don't think the chances of your book being damaged by shrinkwrap are very high, especially if the shrinkwrap isn't touching the DJ itself.

Personally I have a mix of both in my collection.

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