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UPDATED 2-1-20

Updated listings for February

All listings have been updated for February, take a look around for great deals on your favorite Stephen King books!

Recently Glenn Chadbourne created a number of remarques for in the newly released limited edition of Revival. As of last week there were a couple left for purchase. For more info check out the article at veryfinebooks. I was able to get about half of them up on their own remarque page (thanks Emmanuel!). Feel free to take a look, and if you have one of the others that isn't posted email me and I'll include it in time for next months newsletter.

Lastly, I saw up on Lilja's Library today that SK has removed his FB and Instagram accounts. If you want to follow him, you can still do so on Twitter. You can see the latest new from LIlja's Library on the bottom half of this page, where I pull in his RSS feeds in real time.




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Official SK Website - Calvin's Corner


It looks like the PS Publishing (unsigned) edition of The Stand is shipping now, if you ordered a copy keep an eye out for it. Rumor has it that their next unsigned edition, Dead Zone will be up for pre-order Friday. If that winds up being true, I expect it'll show up on their pre-order page so check there tomorrow. I'll post any further updates on it on the forums.

Suntup Editions released info on their publication schedule thru the end of the year. In there was a little nugget of info: "On Friday, November 8th I will broadcast live from Facebook where I will talk about an exciting new contest and share some production updates. On the following day, Saturday, November 9th we will announce our next book release, which will be available for public pre-order on the same day" So this could be SK related or not, but either way it should be an interesting announcement. You can read the full release at the Suntup site HERE.

Veryfinebooks is giving a way a copy of the upcoming deluxe edition of Revival by Letterpress publications. No purchase necessary to win. Full details and entry form HERE.

Have you guys ever seen a 1st/1st Salem's Lot with the Father Cody dustjacket? Well here's you're chance - there's a copy up for sale at Whether you're in the market or not, there are some excellent high-res photos of this incredibly rare book and DJ.

Secure Domains - Both the and domains now have SSL certificates set up and all pages have had any old code tweaked to be fully compliant. This means that if you visit either domain you will automatically redirect to "httpS://" instead of "http://" and if you have any old links they will auto redirect to an "httpS" URL. Additionally depending on your browser you will see a green or black lock icon indicating the site is secure. Most sites have already moved to getting this setup on their domains for better security, and I’m happy to say that The Collector can now join that field.

it appears that Subterranean Press produced a not-for-sale edition of The Shining back in 2014 that was limited to just 10 copies. Their intent was to auction off a copy on an annual basis, until they were all sold. It didn't quite work out, and Camelot Books has acquired the remaining 6 copies. They are making 4 of the 6 available for sale. Now you won't see mention of it on their website yet, you need to be a newsletter subscriber. But I've posted the text of the full announcement up on the forums.

A number of original illustrations by Mark Edward Geyer are available for sale. These are the original illustrations done in the scribner trade edition of Elevation and paperback reissue of Hardcase Crime's The Colorado Kid. Similar to above, full details, including photos and contact info are available at the following forum thread.

The release date for King's next novel "The Institute" has been set for September 10th. You can pre-order from Amazon. The list price is $30 but if the price goes down between your pre-order and publication Amazon will only charge the lower price.

Cemetery Dance just announced Gwendy's Magic Feather, which looks to be a sequel to Gwendy's Button Box. Although this time, GMF was written solely by Richard Chizmar there is a foreword by Stephen King and since GBB was actively collected by King fans, I wanted to mention the availability of the new book. Full details and ordering can be found here.

In case you missed it, the trade edition of King's new book Revival was released yesterday you can grab a copy at Amazon or even a kindle copy if you can't wait for it to get here!

Suntup Editions is making a limited edition 11x17 print available to pre-order. You can check out the details here. (This is a separate print, not included in the covers collection)

Limited edition of The Tommyknockers has been annouced by PS Publishing. It's NOT signed by King but is in a 3 volume slipcase and limited to 1,000 copies. Full details, and ordering info here.


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