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(428 pages - © 1980)

Publisher: Phantasia Press

Cover Art by: Michael Whelan

Lettered Copies: 26

Signed and Numbered Copies: 725

Firestarter Lettered

Lettered Edition

Firestarter Limited

Limited Edition




  • 26 Lettered copies wrapped in aluminum-coated cloth. Sometimes called "The Asbestos Firestarter" for obvious reasons. $35,000-$40,000

  • Limited edition of 725 slipcased copies. Dustjacket artwork by Michael Whelan. Signed and numbered by Stephen King. The limitation sheet reads: "This first edition of Firestarter by Stephen King is limited to 725 copies, all of which have been signed an numbered by the author. This copy _____________". Below this is Stephen King's signature and date. The issue price for this book was $35, now $3,750-$4,750

Values for Firestarter last updated - December 2023


I have a series of book numbers and signed dates (about half courtesy of Robert at Rare-Collectible-Books the other half by various people who e-mailed me with the dates of books they own) all of the books were signed between July 5-8, 1980. If you own a copy number that I list as a ??? it means I don't know the date it was signed. E-mail Me with the number and date and I will add it to the list.

001 - 133 July 5th
134 - 162 ???
163 - 369 July 6th
370 - 371 ???
372 - 597 July 7th
598 - 608 ???
609 - 725 July 8th

#316 - Was originally owned by Michael Whelan

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