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The Shining
536 pages, © May 2016)

Publisher: The Folio Society

Illustrations: Edward Kinsella

Lmited edition: 2,500 copies

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Limited Edition



  • A single edition of approximatly 2,500 copies, housed in a slipcase - NOT signed by King. Issue price $79.95 Current Value IN PRINT

The Folio Society is a book club based in the UK, similar to Easton Press in the USA. In fact it may help to think of this book as a very similar type to the Easton Press edition of Dead Zone - both are unsigned editions of under 3,000 copies issued by a book club.

However, I don't expect this edition to increase in value as much as the Easton Press edition of Dead Zone did. The EP edition is the only limited printing of Dead Zone and is published by a US publisher. The Folio Society prining is a UK printing coming after larger releases of The Shining from both Subterranean Press and Cemetery Dance.

A number of people have reported recieving copies that were damaged in shipping (typically a bumped/dinged corner of the slipcas. The Folio Society has been sending replacment copies to affected folks and letting people keep the digned copies. As such you may see a some digned copies hitting the secondary market soon via eBay..


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