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Colorado Kid Pictures - Limited Ed

With three different versions of this book there are plenty of pictures that I don't have. If you have pictures not listed here, please e-mail me and I would be happy to post them.

Also you can still order artist editions directly from PS Publishiing. Click here if you're interested in getting a copy!


JK Potter 1

Front Cover - JK Potter S/L

JK Potter 3

Back cover - JK Potter S/L

JK Potter 2

Spine - JK Potter S/L

JK Potter 7

Picture - JK Potter

JK Potter 5

Picture - JK Potter

JK Potter 6

Picture - JK Potter

JK Potter 4

Signature Sheet - Ltd

all 3 authors

3 Artist ed in Slipcase


Lettered/Limited/Artist Cases

chadborune lettered 1

Lettered Miller Traycase

chadbourne lettered 2

Lettered Miller Book in Case

Edward Miller Spine

Limited Miller (case & DJ)

Edward Miller Cover

Limited Miller Cover

Edward Miller 1

Miller Illustration 1

Edward Miller 2

Miller Illustration 2

Edward Miller 3

Miller Illustration 3

Edward Miller 4

Miller Illustration 4

Edward Miller 5

Miller Illustration 5

Chadborne Cover

Chadbourne Cover

Chadborune 1

Chadbourne Illustration 1

Chadbourne 2

Chadbourne Illustration 2

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