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UPDATED 6-01-17

Listings updated for June, book tour news & more!

All listings have been updated for June, take a look around for great deals on your favorite Stephen King books!

Stephen and Owen will be doing a Sleeping Beauties book tour September 26th - October 6th. You can see the cities and dates on King's website. No other details and no word on whether there will be stops outside North America yet. There has been some speculation that these books will be pre-signed ahead of time by King and Owen and given out, rather than having folks stand in line after the event to get books signed in person. This comes from the observation that the tour dates are literally one night after another and that would be a lot of late nights for Stephen and Owen. But nothing has been confirmed.

Suntup has been working on a new King project that is quite unique. A limited edition collection of fine art prints, featuring the cover artwork from Stephen King's most classic novels, signed by the original artists. We're talking covers like Misery by Bob Giusti, Pet Sematary by Linda Fennimore, Firestarter and Cujo by Steven Stroud and more. Check out details (and a cool video) of the project here. Don't forget their Eyes of the Dragon Porfolio is still available. Full details here


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CD had just released pre-orders for a S/L Sleeping Beauties. I don't expect many copies to be left UPDATE S/L IS SOLD OUT as they let previous Shining S/L customers grab copies last week but asked that no announcements go out until they make it available for general pre-orders. 52 lettered - 850 S/L - and 1,750 artist editions will be printed. Both Stephen and Owen King will be singing the book. Cost is $475 for the limited, $125 for the gift. Full details and ordering ARE HERE.

I have to share a bit of sad news, for those that don't know artist Bernie Wrightson passed away earlier this month. His wife Liz put up a nice eulogy on their site, you can read it here.

Looks like the next volume in the PS Publishing anniversary series is available to pre-order. NIGHT SHIFT it has a 1,000 copy print run, available in 2 different cover variants NOT actually signed by King but does have a facsimile King signature. If you prefer to order from Cemetery Dance, they'll be getting copies in as well.

Looking for a signed copy of Hearts in Suspension? Gerald Winters and Son has copies available here.

Waterstones has a limited edition of Charlie the Choo-Choo available for pre-order for £20. Includes a numbered and signed print by 'Beryl Evans'. Only 1,000 copies available."
full details here TO BE CLEAR IT IS NOT EXPECTED THAT WHATEVER THIS SIGNATURE IS WILL BE BY KING HIMSELF (that's not the website talking, that's me)


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