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UPDATED 5-17-16

The Shining from CD over 98% sold out!


The Shining by Stephen King is now more than 98% sold out and CD is preparing to remove the order button from the website at the close of business today. Tomorrow, they will manually confirm exactly how close they are to all copies being reserved. Then, this FRIDAY, they will put the product back on the website and send out one more newsletter. Those last copies will be sold FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. No second chances.

Cemetery Dance has just annouced pre-orders for the anniversary edition of The Shining, illustrated by Don Maitz! This edition includes "Before the Play," Stephen King's long lost 40 PAGE PROLOGUE to the novel at the beginning of the story. Full details and ordering info can be found here.

The Folio Society (A UK based publisher) has just released their own edition of The Shining. The price is $79.99 and the site says that postage is free on your first order. Further details are a bit sparse, I've emailed them asking about the print run and availablility. It does not appear to be signed by anyone... BUT you can enter a drawing to win one of 10 signed copies of the book. A purchase automatically enters you but you can enter without purchase HERE.

Cemetery Dance has just started shipping the their Anniversary editions of Salem's Lot. But don't panic if you haven't seen a shipping notification, it may take some time to get all the copies out.

I believe most stops for King's upcoming signing tour for End of Watch are sold out now. has a good thread up if you're looking to meet up with other folks, or maybe snag an extra ticket if someone can't go.


Book Tour dates for End of Watch annouced. Here are the cities and dates. Keep in mind, often UK dates (if there are any) are annouced seperatly as King has a seperate publisher in the UK.

June 7 Jersey City, NJ
June 8 Sewickley, PA
June 9 Dayton, OH
June 10 Charleston, WV
June 11 Nashville, TN
June 12 Louisville, KY
June 13 Iowa City, IA
June 14 Omaha, NE
June 15 Tulsa, OK
June 16 Albuquerque, NM
June 17 Salt Lake City, UT
June 18 Reno, NV

In not quite book news, Stephen King confirmed today that Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey will be cast in the upcoming Dark Tower movie. I rarely pay attention to the preliminary movie news because it seems to change so often. But if King himself is tweeting it, then I guess a Dark Tower move really IS happening!

There are new info and buying pages up for the 30th Anniversary Edition of Skeleton Crew. There is also an info page up for the First edition of Bazaar of Bad Dreams.


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Yep I know this isn't a fan site for Tabatha, but King's wife is a writer as well, and CD has released her new book Small World in a limited edition. Indications are that interest is quite high, with the lettered edition selling out in less than a day. THe limited edition has nowsold out now as well.

King's publisher S&S had some techincal problems during the new year, and to make up for it they are giving everyone one free Stephen King ebook, redeemable at Offer expires on 1/31 or when they run out.

in the UK section buying and info pages for anniversary editions of Thnner and Carrie from PS Publishing are live. In the 1st edition section the Finders Keepers info page is also live. There are a number of new remarques from multiple illustrators up for you to enojoy!

Subterranean Press issued a newsletter today reminding folks that the gift edition of The Shining is still available from them at issue price ($95) even though they've been cropping up on the secondary market for more. In addition, copies of anniversary editions of 'Salem's Lot and Skeleton Crew are available for pre-order.

Cemetery Dance is doing pre-orders for the Anniversary edition of Salem's Lot, more info here.

Due to a discontinuation of the program I'm no longer able to update the historical price charts going forward. Charts will stay on the site for now I'm looking at alternatives, but Im out of my depth. If anyone is familar with the eBay developer prgram, PHP coding, or Codeignitor please drop me a line, I'd like to talk to you!


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