traycase FAQ

I'm thrilled to announce the new traycase for THE STAND!

This case features a white faux leather grain pattern with the title in bold black text and the author stamped in red foil. The font was selected to match the font used on the book Dust Jacket. There's an oval opening in the front that allows a portion of the beautifully designed DJ to be seen when enclosed in the case. A three sided inner box allows for very easy removal of the book with no excess tightness. The case is shut via hidden neodymium magnets -giving a very satisfying snap when closed.

Multiple prototypes were made (and scrapped) to get the design just right. From the materials used, to the shape and size of the oval window, to the number and size of magnets used to shut the case with the correct force while keeping it easy to open when desired. I'm confident you'll love this case!

How many will be available? - I will round the pre-orders to the nearest hundred so (for example) if 175 are pre-ordered I will make 200. At this time I have no plans to make any more. Once they're sold out they're sold out - just like the Salem's Lot case I made a while back.

How much will these cost? -Traycases are much more involved then slipcases, a lot of premium materials went into this case and all of the design features add to the cost. The price is $58.95... HOWEVER Because I'm making these based on pre-orders I'm offering a special pre-order price of $48.95 plus shipping for anyone that pre-orders by Monday January 20th. Any that are ordered after January 20th will be $58.95

When will these be available? - Production will start as soon as the pre-orders are done (the 20th). Barring any delays from the bindery they should start shipping at the end of February or first week of March

Will this fit the REVISED 1st edition? - No this will only fit the early doubleday editions that share the same form factor with the doubleday first edition

Show me some pictures! - At this point I only have prototype photos available. The main prototype pictured below is exactly the same as the production case except for the outer grain pattern. The last photo shows an earlier design but the proper grain pattern. Click on a photo for a larger picture

Where can I order? - I'm glad you asked :) Just go to the buy slipcases page and place your Pre-Order!

What other cases will you be making? - That depends on you guys. Take a second to fill out the short form below, it'll help me figure out what case to make next.

What's the "window" all about? - I wanted to showcase the artwork on the dustjacket and have incorporated an oval die-cut into the front of the case. This is an open window, there's no barrier between this and the book. Most people have a mylar cover on the dustjacket anyway so they won't need anything else... but I realize some people may feel odd not having a barrier in place. So each case will come with a mylar sheet custom cut to lay on top of your book. You can even tape it to the inside of the slipcase if you want. I don't anticipate you'll need it but it's there if you want it :)

What are the magnets all about? - There are a few ways you can design a case to close, traditionally an outer box slides over an inner box and friction closes the case. The need to close the case securely pretty much limits the design in this type of clamshell case. By embedding neodymium magnets into the edges of the case you can use different designs to make a case while ensuring an even more secure closing mechanism... and it's really neat to open and close the case.

I have more questions. - No problem, either e-mail me or drop by the forums, there's a thread up for this case.