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Custom Wooden display case for Knowing Darkness




So you spent close to $1,000 for the huge traycased edition of Knowing Darkness and it's gathering dust in a corner because it's too big to display on your bookshelf. -- I hear you and I'm thrilled to once again partner with (the makers of the wooden UTD case) to offer you a solution. A hand made display case that you can mount on your wall, making this book the centerpiece of your collection - instead of "that book over there in the corner".

This display cabinet is specifically designed for the Centipede Press publication "Knowing Darkness - Artists Inspired By Stephen King". Because of the difficulty in displaying this large book, we wanted to make it usable as either a wall mounted display or as a table top display.

All phases of construction are done by hand.  From hand selecting the materials, sanding, staining and finishing, all aspects are performed with the you, the purchaser in mind. This case is constructed with solid wood throughout -- no chip-board or press-board is used. Since these are all made by hand, each case is unique. Due to the inherent differences in wood, not only will the wood grain patterns be different, but slight variations is sizing make each case 'one of a kind'.

The interior is fully lined with a your choice of blue, red, gray or black felt liner and has a hinged wood door with a Plexiglass window and a brass latch. It also has a  movable felt-lined support that the case rests on. Since this book is so heavy, if it didn't have this support, the edges of the publishers case would eventually be crushed. It is hung on the wall using a French cleat.  Three screws and anchors, a pencil and Phillips screwdriver are all that's required to hang it on your wall. (All screws, all anchors and instructions for hanging are included). The anchors used for wall mounting are rated up to 190 lbs which is well more than the weight of the book and case. If you choose to use it as a table top display, merely unpack it and put in your book - it's ready to go.

The back, top and bottom are all stained and finished so it will look as good as a table top display as it does a wall display. Offering great protection for this beautiful book, the overall exterior dimensions are 26 inches high, 18 1/2 inches wide and 8 inches deep with a weight of about 15 pounds. The interior dimensions are 21" x 15" x 5 1/2" which leaves approximately 1 inch extra space for ease of inserting/removing the book. You have your choice of a rich Pecan stain or gloss black paint. Either selection will help make "Knowing Darkness" the center-piece of your collection.



The cost for each case is $269 plus $34 shipping anywhere in the USA. ($229 for the smaller case that holds the unsigned/slipcased edition) For orders outside of the USA please e-mail me directly with your mailing address for a paypal invoice with actual shipping costs for your country.

Pecan case no label

Open case, with UTD case inside

Pecan Case w/ black label

Black case w/ silver label

Black Cases / 4 liner colors

Back of pecan case

Pecan Case / 4 liner colors

Close up of silver and black labels

- All cases feature -

  • Hand made wooden case
  • Optional label featuring title
  • Multiple coats of stain or lacquer
  • Choice of exterior color
  • Choice of felt liner color
  • Wall mountable
  • Plexiglass display window
  • Fits Signed or Unsigned editions



Will this fit both the signed and unsigned editions? - The case was originally designed to fit the larger signed/traycased edition. There is an option on the order page to select a case to hold the unsigned/slipcased edition. It is identical in design but uses fewer materials so the cost is only $229.

How long will this case be available for ordering? Because this is a special offer based on the fact that all cases are going to be done at once, you can only order here until August 2nd. At that time all orders will be sent in and the cases created.

Will you be shipping the cases yourself? - No, I will send all of the orders and info to as a batch and they will ship directly to you.

What if there's a problem, who do I contact? - E-mail me, I will take care of any problems or get them worked out for you. It's just like ordering any other case from me, except the company making the cases will ship directly to you so we're not shipping the same case twice. That keeps the cost down.

When will I receive my case? - Orders will be filled in order they're received. Cases will start shipping the last two weeks of July and you should receive yours no later then the middle of August, depending on where your order is in line. You can always check on your order by e-mailing me at any time.

Will you be making more cases available for other titles? - Yes if there is demand, please e-mail me if you have a suggestion for the next case

Where can I place my order? - Click Here

I have more questions? - Email Me

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