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JOYLAND Slipcase

I'm thrilled to announce pre-ordering for the new JOYLAND slipcase!

As I was reading Joyland, the quote "We sell fun" popped out at me, I really wanted to do something fun with this case. Instead of using the traditional die-stamp process (where you have a metal die stamp text onto the outer wrap), I looked into a silk-screen process where we could add some detailed graphics. In the end we went with a full wraparound design featuring a carnival silhouette across the bottom of all sides of the case. The case also shows the title and author on all sides of the case. The inner liner is done in a bright red giving a nice POP of color when you see it in person.

Place your order on the Buy Slipcases page.


What editions will this fit? - Both the limited and gift edition hardcovers will fit. I suppose you could put the paperback inside but it wasn't designed with the paperback in mind - the case would be a bit roomy for it.

When will these be available? - Production will start after pre-orders wrap up at the end of the month. Barring any delays from the bindery they should start shipping at the end of January.

Tell me more about the design. - The color of the case is a dark blue background with the silhouette in a slightly lighter shade of blue.  What I was going for here was the feeling of being able to see the outline of the park at night after all the lights are off.  The graphic bleeds all the way to the edge, which means there's even a bit to see when you look inside the case, where you're met with a bright red inner liner the same shade as the title on the outer wrap. You can check out the photos below for a close up!

Where can I order? - Order right here!


Click on a photo for a larger picture

Front of Case


Back and Spine

Open end, red liner

Front w/ book

Back with book

Open side, wraparound art

Mock up of the full wraparound cover

Pictures are of the prototype case, Some minor tweaks to title placement and spine alignment will be happening in the final production run.

Questions? Just e-mail me



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