New Signed Book Section of the Site

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New Signed Book Section of the Site

Post by jimimck »

I have no idea how much work would be involved in this request, but what are your thoughts on adding a Signed Section to your site, and giving people an idea of what a 1st edition book, signed by King, would be worth?

I know that some of his most recent books, a signature might add $150-$200 to the standard value (making the book worth $150-$200 in some cases), but his earlier books (especially the fab five), signed copies seem to skyrocket.

As with all book values, the condition of the book plays a huge part of the overall value, and so just as you've done with your first edition values, there would have to be an assumption the book is rated NF to fine I guess?

Anyway, signed copies seems to play a big part in a lot of collectors sets, and so I was just courious as to what would be involved in valuing these books?

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Re: New Signed Book Section of the Site

Post by TheCollector »

That's an interesting idea. One part of the answer would probably be pretty easy and one extremely hard

1) The Easy part - I'd say pretty much any book after 1990 the value of a signed 1st edition would be between $200-$300. The exception would be books that are new releases, like WTTKH for example but I'd say after a year or so after publication prices settle down to that range for the most part.

I think it would also be easy to implement, won't need it's own section just a line in the current 1st edition section that says "A signed 1st edition copy = $xxx)

2) The Hard Part - books before 1990. You're right price vary wildly, and condition plays a big part. Let's take a look at a signed Salem's Lot. If I do put a value on it based on a F/NF condition it may not be that useful since most copies from those early doubleday editions are in worse condition then that.

Or take a signed copy of Carrie, how often does something like that come up for auction? Could be a year or three between seeing a single copy. With something as rare as that it's basically worth whatever a person is willing to pay for at the time.

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Re: New Signed Book Section of the Site

Post by salalah »

nice post

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Re: New Signed Book Section of the Site

Post by TrueNorth »

Add my earlier post to this discussion.
What if you had a 2014 signature on one of the earlier books. Everyone here thought they are not as not as valuable. How could you fit these into a price grid?
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