King/Hill Collection For Sale

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King/Hill Collection For Sale

Post by shnnrc01 »

Hey guys, looking to sell the remainder of my King/Hill collection. I still have a lot of stuff from S/L,ARC'S, proofs,magazines/promos etc. I have a list of what Hill stuff I have but am still working thru King's. PM for list/info or if youre looking for a particular item i may have it.

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Re: King/Hill Collection For Sale

Post by canucksfan88 »

Hi Barry,

I'm looking for FDNS S/L if you have it, as well as some other King books/magazines. I can't seem to send a PM but feel free to email me at


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Re: King/Hill Collection For Sale

Post by mvieira »

Would you mind sending both lists to me at


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Re: King/Hill Collection For Sale

Post by kardiackids »

Me too

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