tons of SK books for sale some 1st's...

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tons of SK books for sale some 1st's...

Post by Hunni »

ok first of all I have no idea what to price them as only a few are 1st's the rest are just random I guess? my mom gave them to me years ago she was collecting...but I guess I will list each book and whatever you guys think is a fair price? I can get pics if requested they are all in great condition with the exception of one or two with jackets slight rips or worn.

misery - 1st
insomnia-1st (slight rip up back of DJ)
bag of bones - 1st
girl who loved tom gordon
storm of the century -1st (from what i've read about them)
nightmares and dreamscapes - 1st
black house - 1st
hearts in atlantis- 1st
on writing - 1st
cycle of the were wolf

pet sematary
The shining, Salem's lot and Carrie in one big book
Skeleton crew
geralds game -
fire starter
dead zone
eyes of the dragon
wastelands- soft cover
wizard and the glass - soft cover
gunslinger - soft
dolores claiborne
creepshow comic
dark half
needful things - 1st
different seasons
tommy knockers
bachman books- 1st
rose madder - 1st
IT - thought was 1st but no DJ price
four past midnight
drawing of the three - soft cover

and that is all of them...

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