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Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2010 1:50 pm
by Marco
Fellow collectors,

I'm looking for a new home for part of my Stephen King collection. This offer may especially be interesting for you fellow collectors that live in the EU (as import taxes and duties have already been paid by me ;)
I live in The Netherlands and am more than willing to ship anywhere in the world.
More books will be listed shortly (mostly books about King or his work).
Please feel free to contact me (marco at ka-tet dot nl) with any questions.

Best wishes,


The Secretary of Dreams vol.1 signed/limited #229 (Cemetery Dance) FINE $ 400
Arrangements can be made to have #229 of vol.2 shipped to you directly from the publisher in case you're interested in owning both volumes with the same number.
'Salem's Lot limited gift edition (Centipede press) FINE still in publishers shrinkwrap $ 150
Insomnia UK limited gift edition, slipcased with facsimile signature (Hodder) FINE $ 85
Dolores Claiborne UK limited gift edition, slipcased with facsimile signature (Hodder) VERY GOOD $ 70
Nightmares & Dreamscapes UK limited gift edition, slipcased with facsimile signature (Hodder) VERY GOOD $ 70

US 1st trade editions
Blaze (Scribner) FINE $ 15
Gerald's Game (Viking) VERY GOOD $ 15

UK 1st trade editions
Black House (Hodder) both the black and white dustjacketed versions, sold as a set FINE $ 60
On writing (Hodder) FINE $ 25
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (Hodder) FINE $ 25
Dreamcatcher (Hodder) FINE $ 25
Everything's Eventual (Hodder) FINE $ 25
From a Buick 8 (Hodder) FINE $ 25
Wolves of the Calla (Hodder) FINE $ 25
Dolores Claiborne (Hodder) VERY GOOD $ 15
Rose Madder (Hodder) VERY GOOD $ 15
Desperation (Hodder) VERY GOOD $ 15
The Regulators (Hodder) VERY GOOD $ 15
Bag of Bones (Hodder) VERY GOOD $ 15
Hearts in Atlantis (Hodder) VERY GOOD $ 15

Der Buick world first (German) edition (Ullstein) FINE $ 45
Carrie / 'Salem's Lot / The Shining omnibus (Peerage) GOOD $ 10
Skeleton Crew (UK bookclub edition) GOOD $ 10
Hearts in Atlantis (UK bookclub edition) VERY GOOD $ 10

About Stephen King and/or his work
Knowing Darkness limited gift edition (Centipede press) bumped slipcase and small bump to one corner of the book, otherwise FINE $ 150
more books available both signed/limited and lettered editions from various books by George Beahm, Stephen Spignesi etc.

Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born sketchbook, 2 copies available (Marvel) FINE $ 5 each
Dark Tower: Gunslinger's guidebook (Marvel) FINE $ 8
The Stand: American Nightmares #1 Lincoln tunnel variant (Marvel) FINE $ 8

Everything’s Eventual in Fantasy & Science Fiction Oct/Nov 1997 FINE $ 10
The End of the Whole Mess in Omni Oct 1986 FINE $ 15
The End of the Whole Mess in Omni Oct 1986 name written inside VERY GOOD $ 10
Before the Play in TVguide April 1997 FINE $ 8 2 copies available