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Huge collection on sale end of the week - King and Hill!

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2009 12:36 pm
by kacod
I am selling both my King and Joe Hill collections. The King collection is all US stuff, LOTS of proofs, all the first US trades, S/L and Lettereds (Dolan's, Buick 8, Green Mile, Talisman, Regulators, Skeleton Crew, Colorado Kid), New Lieutenant's Rap - sorry no UK stuff.

The Hill collection is even more impressive - I have all of his Lettereds and most of his other stuff down to magazine appearances and ARCs, about all I do not have on him is the UK HSB. I will post it all soon (in the next few days), it's a huge list, but if you want to check on something earlier than everyone else contact me at

Thanks, ---kyle.