Low Numbers - do they really add value?

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Re: Low Numbers - do they really add value?

Post by jimimck »

Plus what is considered a low number? Less than 10? Less than 50?

With a book with a run of 1000 vs one with a run of 200, does the first have a higher threshold for what is still considered a low number?

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Re: Low Numbers - do they really add value?

Post by allasorte »

The greatest value of where it actually makes a difference would be the the signed limited of the Gunslinger. If you were looking to get a numbered set of this, the Gunslinger is signed and numbered from 1-500 while all the books in sequence after this book are all numbered past the 500 books printed. So you couldn't match a complete set with anything past 500.

To me it means nothing except for the Gunslinger series. Unless you are completely OCD and needed to match all your books the same number. That would be beyond daunting of a task and probably improbable. To me, lower numbers means nothing and the value is the same throughout any limited book edition.
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