Mark Geyer - Green Mile Illustrator - Has art for sale

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Mark Geyer - Green Mile Illustrator - Has art for sale

Post by TheCollector »

Hey folks, got the e-mail below from Ari (Thank you!)

Hello Tomas,

Mark Geyer (the artist of the S/L edition of The Green Mile) has just put for sale some prints and originals of the illustrations he made for some of King's books. (in case you'd like to put the news in your website.

Here's the link:


Most of the items range between $500 - $2,500 but there is an open edition lithograph that you can have signed for just $25. Open edition meaning they will make as many as necessary to fill demand, but if you're a fan the price is hard to beat for something that's signed.


The webiste was a little vague on ordering so I spoke to Mark via e-mail (very nice guy) and got the details about ordering.

*Mark's website is not setup for online ordering.... to order you need to send cash or check to the address at the bottom of the website. You can either e-mail him ahead of time or just mail in the order. (Don't forget to include a return address)

*Shipping for the $25 lithograph will be $3.00 (so $28 total). Any other artwork is shipped free.

*Mark is not doing any remarques on the lithographs, but if you want a short inscription along with the signature he will do that. Just let him know what you want for the inscription when sending payment.

*His phone number is listed, but don't call to place an order (since he doesn't take CC that wouldn't work out anyway)- e-mail or just snail mail is preferred.

Most of the above info is not on the website currently, but should be there tomorrow.

Mailing address below for quick reference:

Mark Geyer
2447 Ridgeway Drive
Atlanta, GA 30360

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