Firestarter - unmarked BCE?

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Firestarter - unmarked BCE?

Post by traci1646 »

Hi! New collector here. I have a Firestarter with no jacket. All black boards. Spine has "Stephen King Firestarter Viking". There is no "SK" stamp on front board.
Copyright page is indicative of BCE in that the only writing is "Copyright Stephen King, 1980 All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America"
Title page states "Firestarter Stephen King The Viking Press New York"
I cannot find another one like it. Again, you would think BCE, but there is nothing to confirm.
Thought I would come to the experts for any information on exactly what I have.
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Re: Firestarter - unmarked BCE?

Post by mulleins »

It's a book club copy.

Here's one on ebay: ... Sw3fxb4nNm

Hope this helps.

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Re: Firestarter - unmarked BCE?

Post by millertek »

The Dust Jackets are also key in IDing these...prices are not printed on BCE jackets...
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