Questionable signature

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Sherlock Joe's
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Re: Questionable signature

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What I keep thinking about is people's signatures change ... over time, depending on how many books they've signed in one sitting, etc.

I can see any signature being rushed and not "perfect" for any number of reasons ... I guess, personally, I'd need some specific reasons why one would be claimed as a "forgery" if you go to a place that shows his legitimate signatures and it's pretty close to one (or some) of those.

My .02 cents, I'll stop now ...
Mr. Rabbit Trick
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Re: Questionable signature

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Yes it is horrible, but genuine. His signatures this century are getting worse after his accident, and of course, age.
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Re: Questionable signature

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That makes sense. Heck, I’m only in my 40’s and my signature has changed quite a bit from 20 years ago.
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