Happy to Eat Crow!

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Happy to Eat Crow!

Post by TRJones »

I've been accessing this website on my phone for 2 years to help identify SK books while out in the field... It's been a lifesaver (and the forums such enjoyable reads)! I finally created an account to express my sincere gratitude and say how wonderful it is to see people coming together in a positive way. The amount of shared, accurate information on here is simply astonishing - and from such kind people! It's a pleasure to meet you all :)

I've been a huge horror fan/heavy reader since as far back as I can remember. I've seriously collected Joe Hill for a long, long time. I never liked King. I dismissed Carrie, The Shining & others (in 7th grade mind you, I'm 37 now) as boring and uneventful. My best friend of 30 years however, raved about him like a lunatic. She has read everything. At least twice. One day I had enough. I picked up a copy of Skeleton Crew for $1 and said to myself, "I'll show her." Imagined all the things I would say. The sweet taste of victory, etc...

I've been eating crow ever since. I turned into the raving lunatic after reading The Long Walk and my bookshelves gained some serious weight! Without this website I don't think it would have been possible. THANK YOU so very much, everyone! I just preordered the Stephen King grab bag from Cemetery Dance.
Curiosity got the best of me (I usually just stick with special editions when I can afford them).

Also, if anyone could help me out here: The best friend I referred to above lives in the UK. I've set aside space where I've collected 1st ed books for her as well but can't afford the postage! Both UPS and USPS quoted me almost $300 for a mere 10 pounds of weight. Any knowledge or ideas I would greatly appreciate :)
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Re: Happy to Eat Crow!

Post by mulleins »

Welcome to the site. You're correct, this place is awesome. Some of the top collectors in the world haunt this place frequently.

As you are already aware, yes, shipping from the US to the UK is outrageously high. I sent a single hardcover to a friend across the pond and it cost $43 to ship. Ouch! I sent it anyway because it was a Christmas gift.

I wish I had an alternative answer to give you.

Again, welcome. Please share more of your reading adventures with us.

Ralph Mulleins
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Re: Happy to Eat Crow!

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Most King 1st editions are available for a few pounds on the UK eBay site. Buy them from there and send them direct to her for a couple of GBP.
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Re: Happy to Eat Crow!

Post by TheCollector »

Mr. Rabbit Trick wrote: Sat Feb 13, 2021 2:53 pm Most King 1st editions are available for a few pounds on the UK eBay site. Buy them from there and send them direct to her for a couple of GBP.
Welcome to the forums! I really appreciate you sharing your backstory of how you came to enjoy King, made me smile.

Unfortunately the post office does not offer media mail internationally. So the above is probably the most economical answer, buying most 1st editions from either amazon.co.uk or ebay.co.uk for drop shipment - and then perhaps selecting the few most valuable and/or meaningful 1st editions and sending them via USPS to your friend.
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