The ‘King’ of Horror

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The ‘King’ of Horror

Post by SherlockCMC » Tue Aug 13, 2019 10:29 am

What is one of the reasons, for you, that make Stephen King’s Books so good?

For me, I personally enjoy how each of his stories connect and they are not just stories but really stories within each other. It’s like the inception theory. Not only is IT a book about a killer alien who can take any form and typically chooses a clown who feeds on people to survive, but it is also the story of each of the members of the losers club and how their lives intertwine.

His stories speak to people in the way that their lives cross paths several times. In the book Revival, the main character crosses paths with a priest who experiences a tragic loss and becomes an inventor and mystic. Stephen King shows throughout the book how Jamie Morton crosses paths with Charles Jacobs the new minister, just like people cross each other’s paths many times today. That element in Stephen King’s writing really enhances the story and makes his books scary as that aspect alone gives them life to be believable.

What do you think?

Ben Staad
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Re: The ‘King’ of Horror

Post by Ben Staad » Tue Aug 13, 2019 3:45 pm

It is his intangible ability of setting the stage and making it all come to life. Thoughtful and smart story telling with truth have always filled his best works.

The layering of places and people within the stories and then bringing elements across from other stories have always fascinated me. What SK did with his Dark Tower tale was some of the best cross promotion ever IMO.

Now his endings have sometimes been shaky however the overall strength of story has almost always made up for that.

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