copies of 3 different books

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copies of 3 different books

Post by Pagaenmoon »

Hello everyone. I am hoping someone can tell me if the books I have are first editions. First up is Different Seasons. DJ $16.95 with code 0882. CP shows 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. I have a another copy with no DJ, but no number line on the CP, sadly this copy is in rough shape--last 3 pages are ripped out and binding is starting to go.
Second is Cujo, DJ $13.95 code 0981. CP has no numbers.
Lastly Firestarter DJ $13.95 code 0980 CP 10 9 8 7 6 5. Another copy is smaller, no DJ
Thanks in advance

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Re: copies of 3 different books

Post by jhanic »

Sorry, but none of those are first editions, A true first edition with a number line will start with a 1. A book as damaged as the you describe is worthless, whether a first or not.

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Re: copies of 3 different books

Post by mikeman62084 »

Im thinking seasons is a first edition but a third release hense the lowest number on the line the rest checks out, does it have colored boards under the cover and first page? also the dj will be more glossy and nicer the rest are a little less bright u can tell if u compare a couple, A first/first is ideal of course, the second i agree is worthless give it to someone who would like to read it. The one without a price is most likely a book club edition. Hope this helps a bit. This book is trending $30 + us so id call that a nice placeholder so to speak if you collect.
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Re: copies of 3 different books

Post by millertek »

I read your post and if you are looking to learn how to identify 1st editions - check out THIS WEBSITE - there is a link at the top right for 1st EDITIONS - check those links out and see the identifying information! Enjoy collecting!

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