Extensive first/limited collection for sale

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Extensive first/limited collection for sale

Post by seangodd » Mon Feb 18, 2019 5:22 am


Times have been tough and I'm going to purge my extensive stephen king collection of first editions and limited editions. I've got most of the hard cover first editions. I dont have some of the really hard to get ones like salem's lot, the gunslinger, carrie etc. But I do have a lot of other hard to find books. I've got a number of limited editions as well as signed books. Below is a list of firsts I ha e and ate for sale. Willing to sell as a complete lot for a deal. I am located in Ottawa Ontario. Let me know if any extra I fo is required. All are in good shape with dust jacket protectors.

First editions
The shining
The stand
The dead zone
Danse macabre
The running man
The gunslinger (2nd edition)
Different seasons
Pet secretary
The talisman (plus limited edition)
Skeleton crew
Eyes of the dragon
The tommyknockers
My pretty pony
The dark half
Four past midnight
Needful things
The wastelands
Gerald game
Dolores Claiborne
Nightmares and dreamscapes
Rose madder (I have proofs of this as well)
The green mile
The regulators
Wizards and glass
Bag of bones
The girl who loved Tom Gordon (pop up book)
Heart in Atlantis
The green mile (hard cover)
On writing
Secret window
Black house (plus limited edition)
Everything's eventual
From a buck 8
The gunslinger (revised and expanded)
Wolves of Calla
Song of susannah
The dark tower (plus artists edition)
The Colorado kid
Salem's lot( illustrated edition)
Liseys story
Duma key
Just after sunset
Under the dome (plus signed limited and one signed)
Full dark no stars( plus limited editions and one signed)

That is where my list ends but I have every over hard cover first from every book after that as well as the signed limited of little sisters of eluria)

Please feel free to ask any questions or if there is anything you'd like to see pics of.

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Re: Extensive first/limited collection for sale

Post by seangodd » Mon Feb 18, 2019 4:22 pm

So after posting this I realized this list isnt very accurate or helpful. 90% of these are unread and in mont condition with DJ protectors. Here is the real list, sorry they are in order of publication date.

The bazaar of bad dreams - 1st
Finders keepers - 1st
The wind through the keyhole - 1st
Sleeping beauties - 1st
End of watch - 1st
Light speed ft. Beachworld 1st SC
A book of horrors ft. Little green God of agony - signed limited 606 not king signed
The girl who loved Tom Gordon pop up - 1st
Riding the bullet - 1st limited
Bag of bones - ARC
Liseys story - ARC
The wastelands - uncorrected proof
Rose matter - proof x 3
Heart in atlantis H&S - proof
Hearts in atlantis - scribner ARC
On writing - ARC
Shadows ft. Nona - 1st
Antabuse ft. Blind willie - 1st SC
The gunslinger - 1st plume SC
The best american short stories king into - 1st SC
The living dead ft. Home delivery - 1st SC
By blood we live ft. One for the road - 1st SC
My pretty pony knopf whitney- 1st
The regulators - 1st
Grants ft. The dune - 1st SC
Desperation - 1st
The running man - 1st
Roadwork - 1st
Stephen king goes to the movies - 1st SC
Rose madder - 1st
Insomnia - 1st
Dolores Claiborne - 1st
Nightmares and Dreamscapes- 1st (writing on title page)
Geralds Game - 1st
Geralds Game - ABA edition
The wastelands - 1st
The stand complete and uncut - 1st
Needful things - 1st (prices written on first 2 page corners)
The dark half - 1st
Four past midnight - 1st (price written on inside page)
Mile 81 audio book - 1st
Blockade Billy - cemetary 1st
Blockade billy - scribner 1st
UR audio book - 1st
Umney's last case - 1st SC (some ends of pages have bend)
The coloreds kid - 1st HHC SC
The green mile (set of 6) - 1st SC
Under the dome - 1st
Full dark no stars - 1st
Firestarter - 1st
Cell - 1st
Salem's lot illustrated edition - 1st (dust jacket tape to boards but on protector not actual dust jacket)
The dark tower - 1st
Duma key - 1st
Liseys story -1st
Just after sunset Collector's set with CD - 1st
Just after sunset - 1st
On writing - 1st
Blaze - 1st
Playboy nov2009 issue ft. King - never opened
Screen #22 interview with king
The Atlantic ft. Herman wouk is still alive
Esquire July 09 ft. Morality
The wind through the keyhole - sp 1st edition grant
Joyland limited #590 HC
Little sisters of eluria signed limited #1184
Full stars no dark - 1st limited
The talisman/black house - sp edition #2521
Desperation gift edition grant
The gunslinger - 3rd edition
Drawing of the three - 2nd edition
The wastelands - 1st
It - 1st (has some writing on the title page
Skeleton crew - 1st
The talisman - 1st (price cut off DJ)
The eyes of the dragon - 1st
The tommyknockers - 1st (price written on cover page)
Misery - 1st
The drawing of the three - 1st
Thinner - 1st (has some ink bleeding on binding as well as tiny rip in DJ)
Pet sematary - 1st (has price written on cover page
Danse macabre - 1st
Different seasons - 1st (price written on cover page and DJ is in fair condition)
Christine - 1st
The dead zone - 1st
Cujo - 1st (so.eone pur a sticker on the title page)
The shining - 1st (DJ is in good condition, wear aging and cracks)
The stand - 1st (DJ is in good condition with a small piece of tape on it, binding is tore a on the front board)
Night shift - 1st (DJ has the top corner cut out, and bottom corner has small tears)
The dark man - 1st
Cycle of the werewolf - 1st signet SC
Shivers VI ft. The crate - 1st SC
The dark tower - artists edition
11/22/63 - 1st
Under the dome - 1st signed edition with banner and cards
Under the dome -1st signed
Poe's children ft. The ballad of the flexible bullet - 1st
Full stars no dark - signed 1st
King goes to the movies - limited edition
Everything's eventual - 1st
From a Buick 8 - 1st
Black house - 1st
Songs of susannah - 1st
Wolves of calla - 1st
The gunslinger revised and expanded - 1st
Faithful - 1st
Tin house vol.10 #4 ft. Mostly old men - 1st
The girl who loved Tom Gordon - 1st (price written on cover page)
Secret windows- 1st
On writing - 1st (initials writing on inside of front board and than a marker was used to erase it)
Dreamcatcher - 1st
Hearts in atlantis - 1st
The green mile - 1st HC
Wizards and glass - 1st (weird black marker on the title page)
Storm of the century - 1st SC
Bag of bones - 1st
Shivers VII limited - 1st ft. Weeds
Carrie/salem's lot/ the shining collection - 1st HC
Doctor sleep - 1st
Revival - 1st
Screamplays ft. General - 1st limited

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Re: Extensive first/limited collection for sale

Post by lovan66 » Wed Feb 27, 2019 3:30 pm

Do you still have the copies of cycle of the werewolf, running man, or roadwork?

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Re: Extensive first/limited collection for sale

Post by Kingreader63 » Fri May 03, 2019 5:51 am

Hello, I would be interested in Night Shift and The Shining. I live in Oshawa, Ontario. Please contact me with pricing. Michaelhoule@yahoo.com. Thank you.

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Re: Extensive first/limited collection for sale

Post by tsfinnegan » Fri May 31, 2019 8:36 pm

I am interested in more info on the Talisman/Black Hous set. Also a couple of your ARC's. Can you get in touch with me at raiderman4life@comcast.net

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Re: Extensive first/limited collection for sale

Post by deadman36g » Sun Jun 23, 2019 8:53 am

If you still have Cycle of the Werewolf, Danse Macabre, and The Stand (78) in HC 1st Edition please contact me dadams9 @ gmail.com and hopefully we can make a deal.

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Re: Extensive first/limited collection for sale

Post by Fsmdr » Sun Jun 23, 2019 5:25 pm

Sent you a PM.

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Re: Extensive first/limited collection for sale

Post by brian.byrne » Thu Aug 15, 2019 8:01 pm

Hi There. Any chance you still have that 1st/1st of Roadwork? My email is bpbyrne @ mac.com Thanks!

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