The shining Folio Society

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Re: The shining Folio Society


THANKS FOR THE IMAGE....Like I said I can't believe I was able to get a 1st edition this late in the game.
As for wanting to buy it...other then owning a 2nd edition of The Gunslinger... The only reason I would have a 2nd or any other edition of any King book in the collection was it was a film tie-in & I stopped collecting those almost 23 years ago...So I think i'll pass.
But THANKS for asking.

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Re: The shining Folio Society

Post by Stevenemo86 »

Just my luck. The folio society puts up 80 signed Stephen king copies of the shining on their website earlier today. Lol. I always had the best timing
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Re: The shining Folio Society

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I saw that by chance that day and got ONE copy - and yes watched them just go sold out right after. I missed the Suntup Misery deluxe and got a cheapest release (still nice)....but yes, you gotta keep your eyes open and watch out! You'll get your chance eventually!
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