Pet Semetary signed Limited?

Any questions related to limited editions
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Mike Hanlon
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Pet Semetary signed Limited?

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Was just curious is there any conversation or expectation that a pet semetary signed limited edition may be forthcoming at any time in the future. not sure if there's a timeline/timetable for such things or if news justs drops unexpectedly.

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Re: Pet Semetary signed Limited?

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There is the anniversary edition ... -30th.html

but in terms of one signed by King, there's nothing I'm aware of coming soon - but then again these things are negotiated separately by each publishing house and they don't really share those details. So it's possible we could see an announcement tomorrow - or never. The only other nugget of info that might help (if someone has it, I don't) is if some publishing house is already holding the rights to a US signed edition and just hasn't executed on it yet.
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