Cemetary Dance & PS Publishing Editions

Any questions related to limited editions
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gondolins remnant
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Cemetary Dance & PS Publishing Editions

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New to the forum, happy to be here.

Can someone help me understand the process for buying new Cemetery Dance publications? For instance, when they are releasing a new deluxe tray case edition, 1.) how do you find out?, 2.) when you find out, how do you buy one? Is it lottery, how do you get in, etc. I guess the same questions would go for the non tray cased, lettered editions, which sell out rapidly.

This has been nagging at me so thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this and answer this newbie's question.

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Re: Cemetary Dance & PS Publishing Editions

Post by mulleins »

My advice would be:

1. Stay on these boards, we all pass along information when we get it to help each other out.

2. Join their mailing list.

Welcome to the boards. A lot of great collectors visit and post on these boards.

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Re: Cemetary Dance & PS Publishing Editions

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Also, if I get word of a new SK edition coming out I'll send out a custom newsletter just for that, so you may want to subscribe. If there's no breaking news the frequency for mailings is about once per month.

I get notifications one of three ways:

1) Some publishers let me know a day or two ahead of time a new title is coming. This is ideal, then I can time the release of the news on my site with their own release.
2) I see the announcement in a newsletter I'm subscribed to and pass along the news ASAP
3) I miss the news somehow but a fellow collector let's me know - I then send a newsletter and if no one else has started a thread here I do that ASAP.

#3 is where everyone can help out. Any registered users can create a new thread for folks to see, and if you've got breaking news that would benefit the collecting community at large, letting me know will get it distributed to the widest audience possible. Without you guys (and gals) the site wouldn't be what it is. I depend on it, and I appreciate it VERY MUCH.

Thanks everyone!
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