Wanting to Sell First Edition Collection

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Wanting to Sell First Edition Collection

Post by wahoo25 » Fri Jan 11, 2013 11:04 am

What is the best way to sell my collection?

Unless Noted All Are First Editions (meets criteria from First Edition identifiers)
Salem’s Lot .... Book Club Edition Page 401 43R
The Shining
Night Shift
The Stand
The Dead Zone
Danse Macabre
The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger ..... Second Edition
Different Season
Pet Semetary
Cycle of the Werewolf .... Trade
Skeleton Crew
Bachman Books
Eyes of the Dragon
The Tommyknockers
The Dark Half
Four Past Midnight
Needful Things
Gerald’s Game
Dorores Claiborne
Nightmares and Dreamscapes
Rose Madder
The Green Mile ..... 6 separate monthly
The Regulators
Bag of Bones
The Girl Who Loved
Hearts in Atlantis
Black House
Everything Eventual
From a Buick 8

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Re: Wanting to Sell First Edition Collection

Post by TheCollector » Mon Jan 14, 2013 8:01 am

Hello and welcome to the forums. You've essentially got 4 ways to sell off your collection:

1) Go to your local used bookstore and bring all the books in at once, they'll take a half hour or so to price them and give you a total. The advantage here is that it's the fastest way to get $$ for your books, but it's also probably going to net you the least money.

2) Get in talks with a specialty bookstore like http://www.bettsbooks.com or http://www.veryfinebooks.com You'll have two choices with them. Either sell them in bulk like option #1 or ask to consign them (usualy the bookstore takes around 15% commission on signed books. Plus or minus 5% based on the value of the book, etc.) Selling them outright you'll probably get a similar offer as your local bookstore but it may be a little bit higher because they speicalize in King, so they can move the books faster. Putting the books up on comission will give you more money then an outright sale but you don't get paid until the books sell, which means the money will stream in over time...and it can be a long time to get every last book sold.

3) Sell yourself via ebay - although prices are lower then retail on ebay, it's still typically higher then a bookstore would pay you outirght. If you do your research a price them slighly under the average price, most should sell pretty quickly. But it's probably the most work out of all the options as you'll need to photograph, list, and ship all the books individually. Chances are pretty good though that it nets you the most money overall.

4) List the books on the buy/sell forum here. I'd recommend listing out the prices you want and any condition issues (torn pages, stains, issues with the DJ etc) and be prepared to take photos if requested. The service is free, although most collectors here probably have many of the books already, if the price is right the nicer items (i.e. 2nd ed gunlslinger, and earlier King 1sts) may sell. There's no fees to list.

Hope that helps....BTW if the Salem's Lot is the smaller 8.5" version PM me on it with the condition

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Re: Wanting to Sell First Edition Collection

Post by sgc1999 » Tue Jan 15, 2013 1:12 pm

are these first printings?
The Shining
Night Shift
The Stand
The Dead Zone

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