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FS: Assorted King limited editions

Posted: Tue Jul 05, 2011 1:56 pm
by playphish
Six Stories
$575 (PC)

Eyes of the Dragon
$500 (#340) A flew blemishes to slipcase

$325 (Y of 26 copies)

Under the Dome
$250 (signed, unnumbered as issued)

Dolan's Cadillac
$250 (unsigned, Advance Proof)

The Road to the Dark Tower
$275 (YY of 52 lettered edition)

Reign of Fear
$225 (Y of 26 lettered edition)

The Essential Stephen King
$50 (#461)

The Stephen King Trivia Book
$275 (DD of 52 lettered edition)

$1250 (PC Lettered) Will change shipping address for new owner when book is released.