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**Many rar books for sale**

Posted: Thu Oct 14, 2010 4:40 am
by andrelinoge112

Here are the books:

- From a Buick 8 Deluxe Edition Signed Numbered with Traycase (signed from Stephen King)
- The Stephen King Trivia Book Lettered Signed Edition with Traycase and original artwork
- ANGST (German rar Book from the Edition Phantasia Publisher with Slipcase)

- The Road to the Dark Tower Gift Edition signed with Slipcase
- Uncollected Unpublished Gift Edition signed with Slipcase
- The non-fiction Gift Edition signed with Slipcase
- Dark Tower the complete Concordance signed with Slipcase
- The Stephen King Universe Gift Edition signed with Slipcase
- Desperation Gift Edition with Slipcase
- Dead Zone Easton Press Publisher with golden pages
- Talisman und Black House Gift Edition signed with slipcase
- The essential of Stephen King signed with slipcase
- Insomnia Gift Edition with slipcase
- Bare Bones with Holocover and slipcase (No NUMBER, very rar!)
- The Secretary of Dreams Gift Edition with slipcase

- Nona and the rats (german mini))
- The Stephen King Fan Book (german mini)
- One for the road (german mini noticebook)
- Zsolnay Bloodbox 5 Books with exclusive Covers, inclusive Salems Lot (German)

- Dark Tower 1-7 USA first prints (Gunslinger 3 print) Susannah, Wolves of the Calla and Dark Tower are the limited Artist Editions! All 7 books are in 3 leather slipcases

When you find something from this list, then write me your price offer, please.

For notice: I come from germany :-)