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For Sale - Stephen King 80 Book Lot Collection on Ebay

Posted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 9:07 pm
by SlyFerret
Title: COMPLETE Stephen King Collection 80 Book Lot 1st/1st Edition Printing Hardcover
Item #: 331381173847
Description: Total: 80 Stephen King books. Condition ranges from good to brand new (Please review each individual book for the specific condition description). All hardcover books have their original dust jackets. All have very clean pages, white pages with no writing inside (unless otherwise noted, such as an inscription). 9 books are Brand New, 39 books are Like New, 29 books are Very Good, and 3 books are in Good condition.

Best Offers are accepted.

Re: For Sale - Stephen King 80 Book Lot Collection on Ebay

Posted: Wed Nov 19, 2014 1:41 am
by Stroppygoblin
Firstly let me say good luck on your auction and please don't take any of the following as personal. This is however a collectors site and information and education on value and collectibility are what it's all about.

You have obviously spent many years and more than a little money on building this collection up, as a long term collector myself I know how much effort goes into this and I'm sure you are not selling through choice and are looking to get as much as you can for all of your books. Unfortunately your price is extremely unrealistic, not only that, many of the books are being mis-sold as '1st editions'

The majority of value in SK books is in the early works and ONLY if they are true 1st editions. In practice this only really extends to the first 5 Doubleday books (Carrie, 'Salem's Lot, The Shinning, The Stand and Night Shift) but the next few books up to the late 80's also have value (although nowhere near the 1st 5).

In order to be a true 1st/1st a number of points must be met which is dependent on the book. (Tomas includes a great guide on this site to allow identification of 1st/1st). Fundamentally though, the book MUST have a price (and the CORRECT price) on the dustJacket. Without this it is almost certainly a book club edition and for collector purposes essentially worthless. (there are 2 exceptions to this rule - Storm of the Century and Secret Windows - both only ever released as BOMC).

Your listing states a number of books (especially the early ones) as 1st Edition, 1st printing but without prices on the DJ's - I'm sorry but this is simply incorrect and may lead to ebay disputes if you do sell.

A complete collection like this is hard to sell and like I said, I wish you luck, but be careful on misrepresenting what you are selling.

Re: For Sale - Stephen King 80 Book Lot Collection on Ebay

Posted: Wed Nov 19, 2014 2:12 am
by SlyFerret
I really appreciate your input, which is another reason I posted on the site. At the top I did write that without a price, it may be a BCE, because I wasn't entirely sure. Nonetheless Ill take your recommendation, and change them to accurately describe them.

Ill be sure to recheck them all and look through the guide too. Thank you for the advice.