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Alan M. Clark offering up to 50% off artwork

Posted: Thu Jan 29, 2009 8:14 am
by TheCollector
Hey Guys,

I saw this in my inbox today. I'm sorry economic issues have hit Alan; for those interested the site has a lot of original artowrk including a few SK related pieces.

Dear friends and customers,

I'm writing to tell you that I am currently willing to negotiate deals as low as 50% off of on any original artwork in my online store at ALANMCLARK.COM

I'm doing this because my wife, Melody, was just laid off from her job. There's very little freelance work out there for me at this time and things will get tight for us very fast until she can find more work. In the Oregon economy, that's going to be tough.

These deals won't be done through the store because it doesn't know how to negotiate. Please feel free to call me (541)461-3272 or e-mail me <> with any deals you might like to make.

All the best,

Alan M. Clark
Direct links to the SK pieces
Here are links to all the original art for Stephen King: ... cts_id=556 ... cts_id=632 ... cts_id=633 ... cts_id=561 ... cts_id=562

Thanks for your help.