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Salem's Lot and Carrie available again

Posted: Sat Mar 08, 2014 4:39 pm
by nickbook
Hi everyone,

One last bump as I need the money :( 575+15.50 shipping paypal gift

I have these two books back and they're seeking a home:

1) A first edition Q37, second state (Father Cody) Salem's Lot in very respectable condition. Some small wrinkles, significant rubbing, even some staining on the inside (Brodart covers it). Still presents great.

2) A first edition P6 Carrie, ex-libris. The DJ it excellent on this; it has a small store price sticker - this might be removable? The front and end boards have the usual library messiness but overall they actually look pretty good. Some spine separation slightly on the back and a stamp on the top of the page block itself. Needless to say, I know ex-libris aren't the most desirable, but it's one heck of a placeholder and better, by leaps and bounds, than the Carries currently on eBay. Frankly ,the DJ alone is fantastic.

I've included pics of Carrie so you can see the ex-lib. markings. I also have a lot of pictures of Salem's Lot that I can send to you. You can see the Salem's in my previous posting (ignore The Stand though - it's gone to a better place :)

I'm happy to answer questions, send more photos, etc.

* I just wanted to add there are a few ex-lib Carries on eBay right now. The one closest to this condition-wise is bizarrely high (500).

***EDIT: 575 for both Paypal Gift +15.50 shipping/insurance. I'll keep the books up for one week then back to the shelves they go!****

Re: Salem's Lot and Carrie available again

Posted: Wed Mar 12, 2014 11:05 am
by nickbook
HI everyone,

The Father Cody Salem's and Carrie 1st/1st will go up on eBay soon. If anyone here wants them they're just 550 for the pair, and I'm throwing in a Rose Madder proof and a reading copy of the Grant HB Drawing of the Three.

Thanks all!