Liseys story UK 1 /1 f /f signed by king at Battersea Park

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Liseys story UK 1 /1 f /f signed by king at Battersea Park

Post by STEPHEN RODGERS » Wed Jul 31, 2013 3:04 pm

This was signed for me at Battersea Park when King visited the UK .Kerry Hood [ Hodder and stoughton] was Kings assistant
for the visit and i got to talking to her regular and on the day she arranged for me to find her so i didnt have to wait in line after King finished his talk.
She took me directly to Mr King and had him sign the book for me as i had come a long way,i was absolutely pooing my pants when he asked how far i had travelled,----"about 220 miles Mr King" I said. :lol:
I have another that he signed for me at Borders on the same day and i have a couple of bookplates that were given to me by the staff ,these are very hard to find [keeping these as well].
Not sure how much Liseys are worth signed unread and in perfect condition . I think that i have a Times [newspaper ] supplement that where given on the night as well that i will send too.Offers please if interested.
Will post anywhere

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