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Looking to buy DT I, II, III S/L and various proofs

Posted: Tue Oct 28, 2008 2:13 pm
by kacod
I am looking for Gunslinger, Drawing of the Three, and the WasteLands S/L in #60. I also would like to locate a Duma Key and Cell ARC/proof, as well as the following proofs: Different Seasons, Green Mile set, Desperation with King's name correct on CP, and Blaze (yellow wraps).

Re: Looking to buy DT I, II, III S/L and various proofs

Posted: Tue Oct 28, 2008 3:27 pm
by jhanic
Kacod, I assume you are looking for the US proofs of Cell and Duma Key. There was no UK proof of Cell. The UK proof of Duma Key is a scarce one too. As far as I can tell, there were 150 numbered copies printed. I have #44.

The Green Mile set #2-5 are fairly easy to find. The hardest is #6 (which I don't yet own either) and #1 is rather scarce.

The Desperation proof should be fairly easy to find. Click: Desperation proofs

There were two different Blaze proofs with a tan (yellow) cover. (These are also called, on the covers, manuscript proofs). One has the cover price listed as $24, while the other is $25. There are also minor differences in the cover. I'm still looking for the $25 one myself. These are very scarce.

Re: Looking to buy DT I, II, III S/L and various proofs

Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2008 6:36 am
by kacod
Yes, I meant US proofs to all, sorry. I have heard a state of Desperation exists with "Stephen" spelled correctly on the CP - I have the easily found "Steven". Do you know if a "Stephen" - correctly spelled - state exists? Am I right about that?

As to Green Mile, I have let myself be outbid on a complete set twice now. I do not want to buy them individually, because I am already aware how tough 1 and 6 are to find; if you see them they are almost always part of a set someone has put together. So, for example, if I purchased 1-5, maybe from Dave Hutchison, I may never (in my opinion) find a 6 for sale by itself. I know 2-5 are easily found. If I really want all 6, do you agree with my logic?

One last question to anyone interested, then I'll shut up. Is there an easier way to locate ARC's as they are released than waiting for them to pop up on EBay? I saw message boards on several sites where people were talking about they had their Blaze proofs and Duma proofs, prior to the book releases, and I knew they had not popped up for sale on ABE or EBay, etc. Should I be looking for a source for those? Bookstores? Make friends with a famous book reviewer? WHAT!?


Re: Looking to buy DT I, II, III S/L and various proofs

Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2008 7:47 am
by jhanic
Kyle, if you click on that link that I supplied above, I think there are a couple of the Desperation ARCs that have Stephen spelled correctly. They are not cheap, though, but they're not that expensive either.

As long as you can afford to get the entire set of Green Mile proofs, yours is the better way to do it. As I said, I'm still looking for #6. I'll probably find it eventually, but I've been trying for quite a while. I may try getting an entire set, then sell the extras to help compensate the cost. This will only happen if I can find a set for a decent price, though.

I'm one of the ones who gets the ARCs ahead. I've made contacts with both US and UK reviewers (or at least people who get the proofs early) and rely on them to get my copies. This is the only real way I know of to get them ahead of release. Sometimes, though, I'll pay more than I should. A good example is the current Just After Sunset sampler from the UK. I paid a premium to get my copy, and then a number of them showed up on eBay for about a third of what I'd paid. That's one of the hazards. On the other hand, I got my advance US proof of Just After Sunset for about half what they currently went for on eBay!