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Author:  ELazansky [ Sat Dec 05, 2009 5:35 am ]
Post subject:  Bookplates

I'm sure this has been asked in the past, but since I'm new to the forums, I thought I'd ask again. I have a Dean Koontz signed bookplate. Should I put it into book or keep it separate? If I leave it out, I'm sure it is bound to either get lost or find its way into my kids hands. I'd not worried about what it may or may not do to a book's value. I don't collect based on that. Thoughts?

Author:  jhanic [ Sat Dec 05, 2009 6:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Bookplates

I'd suggest that you just place it inside one of your favorite Koontz books--not paste it in, just put it in. That way, it should be fairly safe.


Author:  ELazansky [ Sat Dec 05, 2009 6:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Bookplates

That's probably what I'll do. I guess that is better than actually sticking it into the book.


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