Black House first edition question

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Re: Black House first edition question

Post by jimimck » Mon May 07, 2012 1:01 am

jhanic wrote:
jimimck wrote:I just checked my book, and noted that while the book has all the first edition criteria, there is no proce on the dust jacket.

Guess this means I have an international export copy?
Another 1st edition to add to the want list...
Jimimck, if the lettering on the spine is gold, that means you have a book club edition. Strangely, the two are identical (except for the lack of the price on the dust jacket) except the true trade edition has silver lettering. I mean the spine of the book itself, not the dust jacket.

Thanks John, mine has Gold lettering, so must be the book club edition.
I'll be adding a true first edition to my list for sure now.

Thanks again

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