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Stephen King ARCs

Posted: Tue Aug 31, 2010 4:43 am
by Bob M
Does anyone know where I can find what some King ARCs are going for? There are a number of them on E-bay and I was thnking about bidding.

Liseys Story

Bag of Bones

Hearts in Atlantis

and others

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Stephen King ARCs

Posted: Tue Aug 31, 2010 7:50 am
by jhanic
Bob, those are among the most common of the King ARCs. I wouldn't go more than $20 each for them.


Re: Stephen King ARCs

Posted: Tue Aug 31, 2010 12:22 pm
by ur2ndbiggestfan
I've been looking for a $20 LISEY'S STORY ARC but can never seem to find one, either they are priced higher or not in good condition. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place(s).

Re: Stephen King ARCs

Posted: Tue Aug 31, 2010 2:56 pm
by jhanic

Re: Stephen King ARCs

Posted: Tue Aug 31, 2010 4:38 pm
by ur2ndbiggestfan
Thanks John. I put a bid on the Ebay one, since it seemed to be in the best condition. I like the review at Abebooks that states this is the bottom of the barrel from Stephen King. Sadly, I have to agree with that statement.

Re: Stephen King ARCs

Posted: Wed Sep 01, 2010 1:35 am
by George at C-Springs
Two things you can do to help yourself on eBay. First, do your homework and see what other copies have sold (and not sold) for. Go to "Advanced Search"; in "Keywords" enter "King Proof", choose "Books" from the "In This Category" drop down box, in "Search Including" check the "Completed Listings" box, and then in "Location" choose "Only Show Items From", then "Located In", then "Any Country/Region" from the dropdown. Then click "Search". This will give you a list of all completed listings, both sold and unsold, for all Stephen King proofs for the past two weeks. I just checked, and 54 of them popped up. Second, look for the sellers who specialize in King and sell proofs often (it won't take you too long to find all the key players) and who have the "Make an Offer" option; they're the ones who know true availability and value and won't mind knocking off a few bucks while still turning a profit. If you make an offer and they turn you down, there's normally a good reason ... shoot for 5-15% off of their asking price, not 50%. Realize you're probably not usually going to be finding pristine copies for $20, but right now on eBay the first two listed when I did that search were Bag of Bones and Hearts in Atlantis, and they both didn't sell for $19.99 yesterday. There was even one that didn't sell for $10, a Rose Madder with slight spine damage.