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Re: Restoring a 2nd State Salem's Lot Dust Jacket???

Posted: Sun Aug 24, 2014 3:08 am
by TrueNorth
allasorte wrote:Great points to keep books in tact. Also, wherever you keep your books, keep the blinds always closed. Most importantly, only use bookcases. Meaning, a storage area with doors! Many people think a bookcase has no doors. This is wrong. That is a book shelf when there are no doors on it. Bookcases rarely if ever get dust inside them.
Doors would be really nice and maybe down the road. I am sure the glass could be UV coated.
I had bought a clear (plastic?) tablecloth cover at a fabric store. They cut it to size. I used duct tape to attach on top (out of sight) and let them hang. They were too ugly so after a week out they went.