Can anyone tell me anything about this book?

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Can anyone tell me anything about this book?

Post by bfriended » Thu Dec 05, 2013 1:16 am ... .06.18.jpg ... .06.31.jpg

I was given this as a gift and I am trying to find out a little about it so I know how good of care I need to take care of it.

It is a "Black House" book by Stephen King and Peter Straub

There was no Dust Jacket on the book and it was given to me wrapped in plastic (making me think the previous owner thought enough of it to keep it protected)

I have searched the ISDN # and cannot find any pics of a book with this cover.

I do not believe it is a leather bound book although it does have that feel. Even though the gold etchings are indented, it otherwise feels like a normal covered book.

From what I can find on the info page it says Copyright 2001 by Stephen King and Peter Straub.

It does say "A limited edition of this book has been published by Donald M Grant" which makes me believe this is not it.

ISBN 0-375-50439-7

Looks like published by Random House and on that page it says First Trade Edition.

Also just noticed the last line says book design by Victoria Wong.

Thanks in advance for your help

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Re: Can anyone tell me anything about this book?

Post by jhanic » Thu Dec 05, 2013 5:33 am

I've never seen that one before. It's probably one that someone had rebound in that fancy binding. (It's beautiful!)

Could you post a picture of the copyright page? That could help with the identification.


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