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8 S/L copies of FDNS on eBay right now - same seller?

Posted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 6:18 am
by Tober
There are currently 8 copies of the S/L edition of Full Dark, No Stars on eBay right now. 5 are from one seller and the other three from a second. However, the two sellers have privced their copies $5 apart and are using the same verbiage in their ads. Is it possible that someone snagged 8 copies from CD??

Re: 8 S/L copies of FDNS on eBay right now - same seller?

Posted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 12:08 pm
by jhanic
I noticed those also. I think it's possible that they are actually the same seller and somehow they got those eight copies. The locations are very vague for both also.

The initial price of the book from CD was $350, so they're making a decent profit.

I would wait until the book is actually published (supposed to be the end of the year or so) and see what happens then. After the initial "rush", the price may even out lower than what they are asking.


Re: 8 S/L copies of FDNS on eBay right now - same seller?

Posted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 2:40 pm
by Royalecheese
EDIT: I have edited this post because I mistakenly named Very Fine Books as someone I had seen possibly posting multiple auctions of the same exact book. That was incorrect on my part and I realized this error while reading another post from Very Fine Books concerning "How to buy Six Stories" in another sub-forum. It has been updated in the text below. Apparently I had a brain fart and named them instead of Flat Signed Books, and then remembered what I said in this post. While I have had no issues with Flat Signed, I understand there have been some questions about some of their signed books. My sincere apologies to Very Fine Books for the mistake.

I'm sure it was easy enough to get family members or friends together to order more than one copy with the intention of selling them off. However, this is the most blatant example of using strength in numbers to purchase multiples I've ever seen.

Then again, while the limited FDNS sold out in twelve or so hours, there was plenty of time for someone that wanted a copy to get one. So I don't really see an issue with doing that in a strictly business sense.

I'm not saying what I'm about to write is also what the sellers mentioned in the listings is doing, but I've bought from Ebay many times and believe I've seen something like this from Flatsigned Books where I think they might only have one copy of something but list it multiple times and have different auction closing dates.

As an example, let's say I have one copy by some author and put a two week closing date. A few days later the item has not sold, so I list the same exact item again with another two week closing date. Could this be what is happening with this auction? I've never sold anything on Ebay, but is there any penalty for canceling all of the other auctions before they end if you actually get someone to purchase the item?

Just thinking out loud.

Re: 8 S/L copies of FDNS on eBay right now - same seller?

Posted: Fri Dec 03, 2010 10:14 pm
by TheCollector
Yeah I saw this too.. My "thinking out loud" thought was that CD was selling copies on ebay under a different name. While I couln't pull any actual info on the seller I did check out his previous auctions which were a bunch of non SK stuff. So probably not CD.