No Lettered DT-2 or 3 exist?

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No Lettered DT-2 or 3 exist?

Post by TheCollector » Tue Aug 18, 2009 11:16 am

Hey Guys,

A thread over at was started by Karen at DMG asking about the existance of lettered editions of Drawing of the Three and Waste Lands.

It seems DMG doesn't have hard records of those days, but Robert doesn't think there were lettered editions of the books.

I shot an e-mail to Stu over at Betts Books and he hasn't ever seen a lettered edition of DT2 & 3.

With that info, it seems like there is no lettered edition of DT 2 & 3 I'm going to give it a couple weeks (more if nessisary) to see if any additional info crops up. If not I'm going to remove the lines stating there are 35 lettered editions from the DT 2 & 3 pages and make some notes at the end of the page talking about this.

Chime in with your thoughts folks OR a picture of a lettered DT 2 or 3.... a pic would realy be great at this point.

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