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Post by STEPHEN RODGERS » Mon Apr 30, 2012 12:44 pm

When MR King came over to the UK in 2006 to promote Liseys story I managed to see him twice - once at Borders and then at Battersea park arena.I promised myself that i would ask a certain question , a question that i needed answering since reading Wizard and Glass years before.
Here it is
Me "Mr King ,thanks for coming over ,can i ask you something"?
Mr King "sure --- go ahead"
Me "near the end of Wizard and Glass Roland spoke of the time he killed his own Mother when she came from behind a curtain with a belt that she had made Roland , He thought it was Rhea of the coos with a snake to kill him and shot his Mother .Roland told his friends that he carried that belt with his Mothers blood on it for many years and that how he came to lose it was a story for another day.Mr King are you ever going to let us know that story?"

Mr King would steeple his fingers together in thought and tell me
"You know what ,I think i will but just give me a few years".

Anyway -- i really chickened out and didnt ask and i still regret it now and still wish i had asked.Although when we all started hearing of this new story TWTTKH and when it is based and his mother is mentioned i got REALLY exited --- AT LAST I WILL KNOW THE ANSWER .
OH WELL never mind .I still enjoyed the book ,it was a great little story although reading it in first person was a bit strange at first when Roland went after the skin man -- a first for the Dark Tower i think. If anybody could ask him that would be great -- you never know.

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