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New law took effect Jan 1 for collectible sales in CA

Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2017 9:01 am
by TheCollector
Hey folks, I was checking out the threads today and saw a post on a new California law requires a certificate of authenticity for all autographed items sold for over $5. The new law is an expansion of CA Civil Code §1739.7, which had regulated autographed sports memorabilia. AB 1570 removes the “sports” limitation, potentially bringing all non-sports autographs, including art, within its purview.

In a nutshell this means if you're selling a S/L book to someone in CA you would have to provide them a COA, with some specific details like your address and keep a copy of it for 7 years. Failure to do so can incur some vague but harsh sounding penalities if someone takes you to court.

Here's the full law ... 0160AB1570

Here's a blog article that puts it in more laymans terms ... graph-law/

Here's a link to a petition to repeal the law ... m=copylink

And here's the link to the thread that's up on it ... aw-AB-1570