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Re: Stephen King First Edition Hardcover magnet twin pack

Posted: Sat Oct 10, 2015 6:36 pm
by gluemonsters
International shipping prices are really bad on Ebay, so if you buy them from me directly I can give you a more realistic shipping rate. Here are a few countries that I just looked up:

Australia and UK = $9.20
Canada = $5

Re: Stephen King First Edition Hardcover magnet twin pack

Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2015 2:09 pm
by amd013
TrueNorth wrote:Here are the years his books were published....

If possible it would be nice if they were in order.Either way it's a beautiful thing you are making :D

Note that that list only contains the novels, but not the collections of short stories like Night Shift etc. You would have to merge in the following list as well: ... d-new.html

also, you may also want to inlcude the books written as Bachman, which would be: ... d-new.html

Then there are the non fiction books: ... d-new.html

Then will you notice that none of these lists even has My Pretty Pony, so your question is still not answered. For that one use this list: ... d-new.html

These are the limited editions, and it gets messy if you try to include these. I would just avoid the limiteds. Or at least restrict it to the limiteds that don't have a mass market equivalent like MPP or Six Stories.

I really like what you have done. I think it will be challenging to include some of the books you missed and still maintain the row/collumn setup you have.

Just curious, couldn't see all the second magnet, how did you handle the Green Mile?


Re: Stephen King First Edition Hardcover magnet twin pack

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 8:51 am
by Bob M
Just got my magnets in the mail. These are great. Have taken their spot front and center on the refrigerator. Thank you


Re: Stephen King First Edition Hardcover magnet twin pack

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2015 10:42 am
by TheCollector
I received my magnets as well. Overall I think the quality is good for the price. It was a little thicker than I expected, from what I can tell there's front half with the picture and that's attached to the magnet part with either glue or double sided tape (like a sandwich) right?

Re: Stephen King First Edition Hardcover magnet twin pack

Posted: Tue Oct 27, 2015 7:16 pm
by 98Superglide
Just got mine in Oz. fantastic. Thanks mate, they are great.

Re: Stephen King First Edition Hardcover magnet twin pack

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 3:10 am
by gluemonsters
I may be wasting my time with this post, but that's okay. I feel that I owe you all SOMETHING.

I just want to say thanks to everyone who purchased these magnets from me. I mainly do band discography magnets, but after looking at my book case and noticing how much space was taken up by Stephen King books, I just had to include Stephen King into the mix. I wanted to come back in here and show my appreciation by sharing a little bit with you so you can see that I really am a Stephen King fan, and might normally be just as active of a member here as anyone else, if only I still had my 8 hour a day job that I could screw around at and participate in the active conversations that make these places so cool. I’m not just some magnet salesman.

Here's something that I think some of you might find entertaining. I have read all but one of the following books in my collection:

The Gunslinger  
The Talisman 
Dark Tower II - The Drawing of the Three  
The Stand 
The Dark Tower III - The Waste Lands  
Needful Things 
The Regulators 
Dark Tower IV - Wizard and Glass  
Bag of Bones 
Black House 
Everything's Eventual 
From a Buick 8 
Dark Tower V - Wolves of the Calla  
Dark Tower VI - Song of Susannah  
Dark Tower VII - The Dark Tower  

The one book I didn't read - yet - is Dark Tower VII. It's the strangest thing, but the Dark Tower series has been the coolest reading experience in my life, spanning many years. I have read The Gunslinger, Drawing of the Three, Waste Lands, and Wizard and Glass at least 3 x each, and when Wolves of the Calla, Song of Susannah and The Dark Tower came out I purchased all 3 right away. I read Wolves of the Calla and couldn't stop myself from jumping into Song of Susannah. As I was finishing Song of Susannah, I felt this dread that it was coming to the end of the "experience" and so I never started The Dark Tower because I didn't want it to end. That happened a few years ago and I still feel that dread of this Dark Tower world ending when I look at the book on my shelf!

This isn't the only time I have done such a thing. I was once collecting Corrosion of Conformity cassettes - this was back when I purchased music from record stores - NOT the internet. Anyways, this one day I wandered into a record store while on vacation and as I was skimming through the inventory I finally found the only cassette from Corrosion of Conformity that I didn't have. And the best thing about it is that it was priced so low. I held that cassette in my hand and stared at it for the longest time, remembering all of the record stores that didn't have it, all of the conversations I had with people hoping that they knew where I could get it - my search was finally over. I walked around the store with that cassette half-heartedly looking for other bargains, and when it came time to leave I just couldn't do it. I did not purchase that cassette that would have completed my COC collection and I left it behind.

There is also the fact that I stopped one unit shy of getting an AA. No, not Alcoholic Anonymous, an Associate of Arts degree. I went back to college as an adult because I couldn't help my high school daughter with her homework. I would get upset oat my daughter for not having good grades, and suggested that if her school work is too difficult, just ask me.. I then found out that I couldn't help her with her algebra, I couldn't help her with her literature, I couldn't help her with anything - it was embarrassing! I started going back to college by taking a class or two each semester. I tried to be a good role model for my daughter and my nieces, who lived with me at the time. I stopped working as a graphic designer and started working as an after-school teacher to be around my nieces, who had moved in with my girlfriend and I. The first year they lived with us was hard for them because we would only see them at night after work. I applied for a job at their day care center and worked there for 8 years - the best job of my life, at the time. We got to a point where we would all do our homework at the same time each day. We were all doing great in school. I was mastering each class - A in Algebra, A in college level math, A in English, A in Biology, I was working on a 4.0 GPA until a teacher in Child Development crossed my path. I understand why she didn't like me. It's because I saw her about 5 minutes before class one day and said to her "I'll see you in class" - I didn't show to class due to a college basketball final and a pool that I was in. She felt betrayed and considered me a liar after that. I received a D in that class, but that didn't bother me - it actually relieved me not to have so much pressure to maintain a 4.0.

So, I was finishing up the rest of my classes I found it to be a nice challenge - I learned that you only get out of it as much as you put into it. But I stopped going one day out of nowhere. I had a one unit biology lab course where I was over halfway through the workbook. I was easily cruising through that class. All I needed, and still need, is that one last course and I'd get that AA, but that one day I realized that I really wasn’t interested in moving on. I found out my gig as an after school teacher was over, due to City of L.A. budget cuts. They cut all of the employees that had benefits and kept all of the part time workers and promoted them into the regular workers - only without the benefits - health, sick days, vacation days... We were the problem - we were TOO pampered.

I made music for a while:
Erik Jurado Experience -
Glue Monsters -

Then, my last job, worked security at The Troubadour in West Hollywood. I worked there for a year and it was great! My first day at work I escorted Tom Jones next door to a restaurant, only to find out the next day that I was on some TMZ show - whatever that is. Here’s a clip of the video: ... freload=10

I’m the one with the shaved head/pony tail. One day, Jackson Browne did a Cheech and Chong skit for me when I let him come in through the back door. Another time I watched Marilyn Manson and Dave Stewart leave out of the back door, and the head security told them that they can’t leave with their drinks. So Marilyn Manson grabs Dave Stewart’s drink and throws them both on the roof!!! I was laughing so loud and my supervisor was in shock! But it was a really cool place to work. I was mainly into hard rock, but after meeting these musicians before the shows, I felt bad judging their music without giving it a chance, so I learned to appreciate a lot of different music.

I was let go last year after I called in with hives for the second night in a row. I worked there an entire year and was a great employee. Never had an altercation of any kind. Some strange reason I developed hives one night and needed some Ny-Quil for them to go away. I was always told, even to this day, that Benadryl works on hives - NOT ON ME! I once tried Benadryl and it made my entire body itch for at least a couple of hours straight. I ended up downing an entire bottle of wine to fall asleep, so never again with Benadryl. Anyways, I called into work because I needed Ny-Quil for my hives and that, of course, will put me to sleep. I was told to find another job. So ever since, I have been looking for work, but since I haven't found anything that can pay a decent amount and didn't take full advantage of me (don't even get me started on what tutors go through to make any money teaching kids!) So now I come up with ideas on how to make a few bucks on Ebay, a company that has been going downhill fast!

I don’t know where this post is going, I easily get distr -SQUIRREL!


Oh yeah, I was explaining why I haven’t cracked the Dark Tower book, because of my phobia of finishing stuff that I place some kind of importance on.

I hope that this little insight on what I am about shows you that I am not just about selling magnets, although, I do need to make a living somehow. So, I hope you allow me to show off my latest listing. This is something that I have made for only 2 people so far, a friend of mine and my mother. It’s the large version of this original post: ... SwI-BWQU9X

I hope you enjoyed this mini autobiography.

Thanks for your time!


Re: Stephen King First Edition Hardcover magnet twin pack

Posted: Thu Nov 12, 2015 10:35 am
by TheCollector
I think this is the first life story post up here on the forums, glad to know you a little better Erik :mrgreen: